Tooth Extractions/Wisdom Teeth - Hyannis, MA

Say Goodbye to Problem Teeth

  • Severe Tooth Decay – failing to treat an infected tooth with a root canal may leave the tooth beyond repair
  • Advanced Gum Disease – bone loss from gum disease may result in inadequate bone levels to support teeth
  • Dental Implants – hopeless or failing teeth require extraction prior to implant placement
  • Orthodontics – retained baby teeth or premolar teeth may require extraction to improve spacing for bite alignment
  • Wisdom Teeth – teeth in the back of the mouth that are impacted or have insufficient space to fully erupt often require extraction

Dr. Ghazi came in and said that two of my wisdom teeth are impacted and that they really need to come out. I probably shouldn’t have waited so long but he never made me feel bad about it and walked me through the whole process.

- Ann: Wisdom tooth extraction patient

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